Values and substance


Our printing technologies are the most advanced, guaranteed by Heidelberg, the industry’s most authoritative brand.

In order to achieve a perfect result, we also ensure that all production stages take place in sync and we keep all our machines

in perfect condition. We make continuous investments in order to maintain the excellence required by quality standards and offer the utmost quality at the best price.

Give us “free reign” and we will fully meet your expectations


Give us “free reign” and we will fully meet your expectations. With more than 30 years of great experience in offset printing, following the evolution of the technologies and of the market’s needs, CPZ SPA is able to achieve any lithography workmanship in any format from extra small to extra big, from limited to big run. The production cycle is equipped by electronic controlled systems and with a very advanced and professional security system, in order to assure a high quality, always linked to the best Heidelberg machines in terms of quality and speed Heidelberg.

The best solutions of the digital printing on demand

The customers are more and more asking for a very quick delivery combined to the digital quality of the printing. The new digital printing  system Kodak NexPress SX3900 guarantees  the highest quality standards in digital printing.

Discover the advantages of Kodak Digital !


Solutions for each product category in packaging and in all display materials: development of technical projects, development of prototypes, possibility of using cardboard of all weights and qualities, special designs in plastic and fabric materials.

Keep your business loyal

The consumers’ cards - like fidelity cards or gift cards - have changed the brands’ relationship with the consumers and the lifestyle of people.

• Fidelity card
• Pre-payed card
• Gift card
• Association card
• Identity card
• Business card
• Security card

Production of labels for each product sector with specific attention to the use of the most appropriate adhesive. The certifications we have obtained allow us to satisfy requirements in the fields of cosmetics, food, pharmaceutics, logistics and manufacturing and in relation to safety.