Your Web with a Click!
Your Web with a Click!
The continuous improvement is much more than an ambition : it’s a big push to evolution and stunning growth

CPZ Spa Web Division is specialised  in design, creation and management of internet sites  and made-to-measure portals powered by Marc@TMS platform. The CMS is totally created and managed by internal programmers and guarantees to customers the full independence in terms of content  management.


•  Integrated DataBase and ad Hoc functions developed for each specific business
•  Personalised and dynamic graphic design to animate your Web site
•  Best compatibility with the main Browser
•  Optimization for the visualization on SmartPhone and Tablet
•  On demand completely mobile versions
•  JavaScript for special effects
•  CSS for the graphic management

Thanks to a control system, developed and customized ad hoc, the customer will be able  to manage the contents of its site in complete independence , without being an IT expert. The site can be implemented with made-to measure functionalities , becoming a real web application.

Always thanks to the engine CMS Marc@TMS it is possible to implement  an e-commerce and fully secure e-commerce platform, to allow our customers to sell their products and services in a customized online shops.
The site that we develop are certified W3C, the quality standard by excellence for the web.


Thanks to a deep and very professional analysis of your site and to the best implementation of each technical detail, CPZ SPA is able to suppy and perfectly optimized an performing web site , also in terms of indexing in the main research engines on the web.

We are also offering a service of  planning and implementation of  web marketing activities, taking advantage from organic positioning o our durable results and using the PayPerClick system, in order to obtain the maximum visibility in a quick time and following up the optimization and the positioning with periodic reports on the achieved results

All our sites are offering a statistics’ service , which is already included in the supply and that allows our customers to know day by day all details about the trend online of their Web site.